The well is running dry, folks.  I thought this one up out of nowhere while I was going twosies, but the stockpile of rainy day strips that I had piled up on my hard drive have all been consumed and I am back to the old routine of missing my deadlines and listening to the bitching of my faithful fan(s).

I’ve been cracking away at a program called Blender.  It’s a free shareware 3d modeling program that is extremely flexible and has more controls than the fucking space shuttle.  It took me two hours to figure out how to make a box.  After doing the equivalent of mashing my meaty dick beaters over and over again against the keyboard I finally cracked the mystery.  Now damned near everything I have been toying with consists of billions and billions of boxes skewed and stretched to form whatever it was that I was trying to make.  My models look decent, but when I attempt to apply a texture to them the rendered frame comes out looking like the septic tank from the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine.  I have a long way to go, but if I could do it with Photoshop, I should be able to do it with Blender.  When I started futzing around with Photoshop, I basically took every single photograph of my friends that I could get my hand on and cropped them into humiliating situations or pretty dresses.  Now I do the same thing, but with cartoons instead of photographs.

It’s progress… sort of.